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Pronounce this letter
in English conversation

The letter H  is not pronounced in French or Spanish. The following words are familiar examples of French and Spanish words that contain the letter  H: heureux, hier, homage, hors, hospice, hiver, haricot - and - hombre, hambre, hola, hielo, hora, huevo, humo, helado, horno.

However, in English, it is necessary to pronounce the H. This can be a source of confusion if your mother tongue is French or Spanish.

Below are 50 commonly used English words. Be sure to pronounce the H  when using them:

Habit, hack, had, haggard, hair, hail, hair, hale, half, halo, hammer, hamper, hand, handkerchief, handle, hang, hard, harp, harass, has, haste, hat, hearty, head, heel, help, hem, her, heritage, high, hill, him, hinder, his, hit, hitch, hoard, hog, hole, hold, home, hood, hook, hop, horrible, hover, hub, human, humble, hydraulic.

Naturally, there are exceptions to the rule mentioned above. Unfortunately, it is necessary to memorize these words. For example, do not pronounce the H  in the following words:

hour, honest, honour (honor), honourable (honorable), messiah, rhapsody, shepherd, exhaust, herb (U.S.), Thailand, and whale.

Of course, when t and H  appear together (i.e., th), they form a different sound. Words that use th include: the, them, theater, they, thick, threw, with, etc.

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