A non-profit association of authors, aspiring authors, editors, artists, printers, publishers, self-publishers, marketers, distributors, booksellers, and others associated with the development, production, marketing and distribution of books.

AAP's objective is to assist writers, authors, publishers and tradespeople keep the literary craft alive. It provides up-to-date information and educational opportunities for those in the book writing, publishing, and marketing industry. It enables authors to more easily find information, resources, and persons or organizations to produce and market their books. .

As an aid to networking, AAP publishes a bimonthly newsletter, a directory of members and their talents and resources, and local publishing industry updates by e-mail and/or fax. Membership offers educational speakers and workshops on pertinent industry topics. Members receive discount on membership in SPAN (Small Publishers Association of North America) and on barcode generation for book(s) or other printed materials. Discounts are also available on AAP workshops & tapes, on services, at COPY.COM, and at CopyMax. A member receives a listing of his books, business, and web site, on the AAP web site. The association's is based in Houston, Texas.

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