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  1. Apostrophes are used to mark the omissions of letters and figures in the contractions of words and word combinations.

    • Can't
    • couldn't
    • they've
    • wasn't
    • wouldn't
    • I'd
    • don't
    • didn't
    • we'd
    • ass'n
    • he'd
    • it's
    • class of '04

    However, apostrophes are not used in abbreviations or the shortened form of some words.

    • Sgt. (rather than Sg't)
    • phone
    • Frisco
    • Coon
    • copter
    • Halloween

  2. Apostrophes are sometimes used to form the plural form of letters, numbers, words, and abbreviations.

    • x's and o's
    • 2 by 4's
    • three 7's or 11's
    • two CD's or DVD"s
    • do's and don'ts

  3. Apostrophes are used to create the possessive form of nouns and indefinite pronouns, abbreviations, phrases, quotations, and words constructed from numerals. Click here for details on possessives.

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