How to Create a Healthy Plot Line
by: Gary R. Hess

Shaping a story to fit into a neat and easy to read form is something many have problems with. However once you discover it, you never lose it. The most popular story format amongst writers is a climax ridden one.

It contains:

1. Intro 2. Rising Action 3. Climax 4. Declining Action 5. Resolution

The point of doing so is to add interest in the reader, hit them with the climax and then slowly end the story. This theory does not indicate the resolution can not be exciting. However it does suggest the climax should be in the middle and is the most important point within the writing.

Many authors are now experimenting with other forms of plot lines. Nowadays two plots, two climaxes or even ending on a high point occurs. Just because the most popular way, and easiest, is used more than others it does not mean you should not experiment.

Remember, practice makes perfect is not just something we tell athletes. It is also very important for writers to try new things and come up with their own techniques in order to be successful.

About The Author

Gary is a writer and editor for The Poem of Quotes

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