Creative Manifestation
by Judi Singleton

Whether creating a poem, a short story, a book, you have to have a clear plan of what you want to create. So it is with whatever we want to create in life. Some of you want specific things, a house, a new car, financial expansion. I read an article lately that said in twenty different countries that the author ask what they wanted the most in life they wanted a million dollars or its equivalant in their coin. Why do we want a million dollars what does it represent in our lives.

I think it really represents different things to different people. When I ask myself why I wanted to be wealthy, it was because it would give me more freedom, more time, time to be creative. What I realized that if I concentrated on the security I wanted, the time, I wanted, the peace of mind, that was much easier to create than a million dollars. The next step I discovered after I knew what I really wanted was to let it go. By that I mean let the how you are going to achieve this feeling ? Think on how you can create more time, security, freedom, creativity then let go of the outcome. Write a list of those attributes you want that you already have in your life. For example where do I have freedom in my life. Well I live in a country that has more freedom than any other country in the world. I am free to think what I will and even say it as long as I do it in an orderly fashion. Nobody thinks in my head but me. I have the freedom to think positively or negatively. Do I have time in my life and the freedom to use it as I like. Yes I have the same twenty-four hours as everyone else only I choose to work a lot so I am making a choice not to have more time to create. Where do I have time to create. I create every time I put out an ezine and write an article, which is daily. Where do I have security in my life? I own a home or I am buying it. I feel secure in my home. I have work I enjoy it is not the life purpose I hope to create but I like my work. My work provides security. So I have more or less just written a grateful list. Whatever we are grateful for expands. I am really grateful for the list of examples from my own life that I have just given you. By being grateful and letting go of the stress of trying to create this financial goal I have for a million dollars so I can have these things that I just named I can just enjoy the fact that I already have them and as I am grateful for them answers will just come on how to have more of the same. The more I try to create that million dollars so I can have security, freedom, time to create the more illusive it becomes. So to make the law of attraction work in my life I must use the law of detachment. The law of detachment says nothing is good or bad it just is. When we stay in the now and feel grateful for what we have and enjoy today, this moment, then and only then does what we want come.

About The Author

About the author: Judi Singleton is the publisher of Creative Imagination and you can subscribe at You can discuss these ideas at Judi's forum at I would love to hear from you and have you share your ideas on creativity.

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