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We mark the changes that we make in your work during proofreading and editing. We use the Track Changes feature available in Word '97. This enables you to quickly identify our recommended changes and decide if you want to keep them or reject them.

In order to view these marks, simply click on Tools followed by Track Changes and then Accept Or Reject Changes. Tick only the box at Changes With Highlighting. The changes and the writing, which they replaced, will then appear in color.

In order to clear the document of these marks, simply click on Tools followed by Track Changes and then Highlight Changes. Remove the ticks from Highlight Changes On Screen and Highlight Changes in Printed Document and press Okay.

In order to accept or reject the changes we have made, click on Tools, followed by Track Changes and Accept Or Reject Changes. Then, select Changes With Highlighting in order to view both the original text and the highlighted changes. Alternatively, select Changes Without Highlighting in order to view the original text without changes. Click the Accept All button to keep the changes or Reject All to discard all changes.

If you wish to accept or reject individual changes, use the Find arrows in Accept Or Reject Changes to move the cursor to individual changes. Accept or reject using the Accept or Reject buttons, which appear at the left of Accept All and Reject All.


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