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Telephone Conversation

The choice of subjects covered and the approach used during the private telephone conversations depend on the learner and what he or she feels most comfortable with. However, here are two conversation formats that have proved to be useful to persons who wish to improve their spoken English.

  • An unstructured, free-ranging conversation covering geography, current events, education, culture, and/or any topics of interest at that moment to the learner or telephone coach . This approach is similar to an informal conversation between friends who have not met for a while and are "catching up."

  • A more structured approach consisting of:

    1. An oral review of (a list of written) words that the learner finds difficult to pronounce.
    2. An oral review of (a list of specific, written) sentences that the learner wishes to be able to speak correctly.
    3. Reading one or more articles aloud from a local newspaper or a magazine, or one or more articles reprinted from the Internet.

In all cases, the telephone language coach corrects the learner's pronunciation as he or she speaks. However, the objective is not to eliminate all traces of an accent, but to correct the learner's pronunciation sufficiently that he or she will be easily and quickly understood by other English-speaking persons.

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