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Errors Made by a Translator
(Spanish to English)

Just in front of the stadium is one of the most beautiful sports giants (1) ever built, the Palau Sant Jordi, who (2) many consider to be an architectonic (3) jewel of Barcelona '92. It is the work of the Japonese (4) engineer Arata Isozaki, who, using modern technology and materials created a space for 17,000 specatators (5).

(1)inappropriate choice of words (complexes would be better)
(2) incorrect. ("which" is correct)
(3) rarely used (architectural would be better understood)
(4) mispelling
(5) mispelling

The majestic dome is held up without columns or pillars, and was lifted at one time (1) using a complex robotic system. At the moment, due to its perfectly equiped (2) halls and space, it is used for a variety of sports and commercial activities.

(1) awkward and inprecise. ("in one operation" or "into place would be better")
(2) misspelling

Nowadays we must agree that great esteem (1) the people of Barcelona have for Montjuic, reached the maximum (2) with (3) the celebration of the 1992 Olympic Games which converted the mountain into a center of (4) worldwide attraction and permitted (5) the realization of a dream (5).

(1) should be preceded by "the" and followed by "that"
(2) awkward ("its peak" is better)
(3) "during" would be better.
(4) awkward. (Deleting this phrase will improve the sentence.).
(5) "enabled" is more accurate. (No permission is required.)
(6) "the dream to be realized" would be less awkward.

In the Trophies room (1) in the Museu del Barca, we can find the cups (2) corresponding to the different competitions won by this club in (3) its long and protracted (4) history, not only in Football, but also in different sections (5) such as Basketball, Handball, Hockey on skates (6), Ice Hockey, athletics (7), Baseball, and Artistic ice skating (8).

(1) Both "trophies" and "room" should be capitalized.
(2) Poor choice of words. "Cups" is too colloquial. "Trophies" would be better.
(3) Poor choice of words. ("during" would be more accurate)
(4) "long and protracted" is repetitious. (Delete "protracted")
(5) Poor choice of words. ("fields" is better.)
(6), (7), (8) In order to be consistent, these sports should be capitalized. However, there   is no reason to capitalize any sport.

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