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Figures of Speech

Black as soot
Bold as brass
Brown as a berry
Cross as the cats
Crazy as a loco
Cute as a rat
Dark as pitch
Dead as a haddock
Dry as a bone
Flat as a pancake
Hungry as a bear
Ignorant as a pig
Like a singed cat
Like a cat on hot rocks
Lazy as the dogs
Leaky as a basket
Rotten as dirt
Round as a barrel
Slow as molasses
Sore as a boil
Stiff as a poker
Solid as a rock
Smooth as a mill pond
Stunned as an owl
Smart as a bee
Straight as a ramrod
Sound as a bell
Thick as tar
Thin as an eggshell
White as the driven snow
Wild as a deer
Yellow as beaten gold

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