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French Adjectives

Abject abject

Abominable abominable

Abrupt abrupt

Absorbant absorbent

Absurde absurd

Acceptable acceptable

Acide acid

Adjacent adjacent

Admirable admirable

Affirmatif affirmative

Agile agile

Alerte alert

Altérable alterable

Ancestral ancestral

Appréciable appreciable

Approximatif approximative

Arable arable

Astral astral

Bizarre bizarre

Blond blond

Brillant brilliant

Bronze bronze

Burlesque burlesque

Canin canine

Capable capable

Cardinal cardinal

Centigrade centigrade

Central central

Cérébral cerebral

Cérémonial ceremonial

Certain certain

Charitable charitable

Chaste pure, chaste

Chic chic

Choral choral

Civil civic, civil

Clandestin clandestine

Colonial colonial

Colossal colossal

Combustible combustible

Compact compact

Comparable comparable

Comparatif comparative

Complexe complex

Concave concave

Congénital congenital

Conjugal conjugal

Consécutif consecutive

Considérable considerable

Cordial cordial

Correct correct

Créole creole

Curable curable

Délicat delicate

Détestable detestable

Digital digital

Diligent diligent

Direct direct

Discordant discordant

Discret discreet

Distinct distinct

Divin divine

Divers diverse

Durable durable

Efficient efficient

Éligible eligible

Éloquent eloquent

Enviable enviable

Épiscopal episcopal

Équitable eqitable

Équivalent equivalent

Estimable estimable

Exact exact

Évitable evitable

Excitable excitable

Excusable excusable

Exempt exempt

Exorbitant exorbitant

Expédient expedient

Explicable explicable

Extra extra

Facial facial

Fatal fatal

Fédéral federal

Filial filial

Final final

Firme firm

Flagrant flagrant

Fluide fluid

Fondamental fundamental

Formidable formidable

Frugal frugal

Furtif furtive

Général general

Grave grave

Hagard haggard

Honorable honorable

Hostile hostile

Humble humble

Idéal ideal

Ignoble ignoble

Ignorant ignorant

Illégal illegal

Imitable imitable

Immense immense

Imminent imminent

Immobile immobile

Immoral immoral

Impartial impartial

Impeccable impeccable

Impénétrable impenetrable

Imperceptible imperceptible

Impérial imperial

Imperméable impermeable

Imperturbable imperturbable

Implacable implacable

Impotent impotent

Impracticable impracticable

Incapable incapable

Incomparable incomparable

Incompatible incompatible

Incompétent incompetent

Inconstant inconstant

Incontestable incontestable

Incorrect incorrect

Indispensable indispensable

Indistinct indistinct

Indivisible indivisible

Indolent indolent

Inélégant inelegant

Inéligible ineligible

Inepte inept

Inestimable inestimable

Inévitable inevitable

Inexact inexact

Inexplicable inexplicable

Infernal infernal

Inhérent inherent

Inséparable inseparable

Intact intact

Intense intense

Interminable interminable

Intermittent intermittent

International international

Intolérable intolerable

Invariable invariable

Inverse inverse

Invisible invisible

Irritable irritable

Juste just

Juvénile youthful, juvenile

Légal legal

Littoral littoral

Local local

Loyal loyal

Maritime maritime

Martial martial

Masculin masculine

Mat mat, dull, flat

Maternel maternal

Mauve mauve

Médical medical

Médieval medieval

Médiocre mediocre

Mental mental

Misérable miserable

Mobile mobile

Moderne modern

Modeste modest

Moral moral

Morbide morbid

Morose morose

Multiple multiple

Municipal municipal

Musical musical

Nasal nasal

Naval naval

Navigable navigable

Noble noble

Nominal nominal

Normal normal

Notable notable

Nuptial nuptial

Obèse obese

Oblique oblique

Obscène obscene

Occulte occult

Omnipotent omnipotent

Opaque opaque

Opportun opportune

Opulent opulent

Oral oral

Orange orange

Ordinal ordinal

Palpable palpable

Partial partial

Passable passable

Pastel pastel

Pastoral pastoral

Patent patent

Pénal penal

Pérmeable permeable

Pertinent pertinent

Plausible plausible

Postal postal

Potable potable

Practicable practicable

Préférable preferable

Prématuré premature

Prépondérant preponderant

Primordial primordial

Principal principal

Prompt prompt

Quadruple quadruple

Quintuple quintuple

Radical radical

Rapide rapid

Rare rare

Ration ration

Récent recent

Réparable reparable

Rétrograde retrograde

Riche rich

Rigide rigid

Rival rival

Royal royal

Rural rural

Sage wise; sensible, sage

Séparable separable

Simple simple

Sincère sincere

Sociable sociable

Social social

Soluble soluble

Spécial special

Spirale spiral

Stérile sterile

Strict strict

Sublime sublime

Succulent succulent

Superbe superb

Svelte svelte Tangent tangent

Tangible tangible

Terrible terrible

Thermal thermal

Timide timid

Tolérable tolerable

Total total

Transversal transversal

Triple triple

Tropical tropical

Turbulent turbulent

Uniforme uniform

Unilatéral unilateral

Unique unique

Vague vague

Vain vain

Valide valid

Variable variable

Vaste vast

Vénal venal

Vénérable venerable

Versatile versatile

Vertical vertical

Viable viable

Vibrant vibrant Violet violet

Virginal virginal

Virtuel virtual

Vital vital

Vocal vocal

Volatile volatile

Vulnérable vulnerable

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