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The hyphen (-) is a punctuation mark that has a variety of uses. It is most commonly used to connect the elements of certain compound words.
  • vice-president
  • calorie-reduced
  • pear-shaped
  • tear-drop
  • back-lighting
  • anti-gravity
  • child-like
  • double-breasted
Hyphens may also be used:

  1. At a line break to mark the continuation onto the next line of a word, which has been interrupted.

  2. With numbers in typing or printing to mean "to and including," as in "pages 219-255" or "1964-97."

  3. To separate the letters of a word that has been spelled out letter by letter.

    • Use the American form for s-u-l-f-u-r rather than the British s-u-l-p-h-u-r."

  4. To represent letters that have been deleted or words that are illegible.

    • "He called me a bas---d."
    • "Her name is Sheila -----."

  5. In writing, to convey the impression of stuttering or halting speech.

    • "May I p-p-p-p--leeese have that c-c-c-cookie?"

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