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Tips for speaking in English

  1. Slow down. Don't speak quickly. Give yourself time to pronounce the English words properly. This will also give your listeners a little more time in order to understand what you are saying. If you are mispronouncing some of the words, your listener will feel some stress. He or she must work harder to understand what you say. By speaking more slowly, you will give them more time in which to recognize the words that you are using.
  2. Pronounce all letters and syllables in each word, except letters that you know should be silent. In particular, pronounce the last letter of each word. The last letters of words often differentiate the singular form of nouns from the plural form, adjectives from adverbs, the present tense of a verb from the past tense, etc. If you do not pronouncing the last letters of words, you will probably create some confusion or uncertainty.
  3. Speak at a normal volume. Do not mumble or speak too softly. Also, do not "drop your voice" (reduce your volume) at the ends of sentences.
  4. Be ready to repeat any sentence that was not understood. However, if you must repeat it a sentence, try to change some of the words. Try to express your thought a little differently. This will gives the listener another opportunity to understand your thought. This will be useful if mispronunciation of one or more words is the reason that your thought was not understood.
  5. Try to be aware of any signs that your listener understands (or doesn't understand) what you say. Occasionally ask if he or she understands.

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