Review (Advanced) 2

1) She's a lot thinner than (I, me).
a) I
b) me

2) Sue, as well as Jill, (is, are) on the short side.
a) is
b) are

3) The pilot or co-pilot (is, are) usually awake during the flight.
a) is
b) are

4) I am (uninterested, disinterested) in poetry and knitting.
a) uninterested
b) disinterested

5) One of us (is, are) always hungry by late morning.
a) is
b) are

6) (Has, Have) either of the dancers ever taken lessons?
a) Has
b) Have

7) Is this the woman (who, whom) you say used to live across the street?
a) who
b) whom

8) All except (she, her) have selected their subjects for next year.
a) she
b) her

9) Everyone but (he, him) seized their books and left the room promptly.
a) he
b) him

10) Neither of the horses (are, is) in the paddock.
a) are
b) is

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