Review (Advanced) 3

1) How has the bus strike (affected, effected) your travel plans?
a) affected
b) effected

2) What type (of, of a) vehicle is that?
a) of
b) of a

3) (Beside, Besides) your smile, I need your assistance.
a) Beside
b) Besides

4) Nothing she (prophesied, phrophecized, prophesized, prophecied) happened.
a) prophesied
b) prophesied
c) prophesized
d) prophecied

5) This is the (principal, principle) village in the county.
a) principal
b) principle

6) The dog (lay, laid) quietly at his master's feet.
a) lay
b) laid

7) Have you (laid, lain) on that old mattress recently?
a) laid
b) lain

8) She has a headache and is (lying, laying) down.
a) lying
b) laying

9) How (is, are) your little dog and strange cat?
a) is
b) are

10) You must (lay, lie) one card on top of the other with its face up.
a) lay
b) lie

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