Review (Advanced) 4

1) You have three (alternatives, choices); breakfast and dinner, breakfast only, or no meals at all.
a) alternatives
b) choices

2) Very few plants are able to grow (luxuriously, luxuriantly) in this acid soil.
a) luxuriously
b) luxuriantly

3) He stood against the wall (beside, besides) that portrait.
a) beside
b) besides

4) We can only hire a completely (uninterested, disinterested) person for the position of umpire.
a) uninterested
b) disinterested

5) His lifestyle during those remaining years, when he found it necessary to hide out in the northern forests, could only be described as (barbarous, barbaric).
a) barbarous
b) barbaric

6) Spanish is one of the world's (principal/principle) languages.
a) principal
b) principle

7) Only a (credulous, credible) person could believe that story.
a) credulous
b) credible

8) His departure had no (affect/effect) on his company's sales volume.
a) affect
b) effect

9) The crowd stared (incredibly, incredulously) at the daredevil who was now waving cheerfully from his craft at the bottom of the falls.
a) incredibly
b) incredulously

10) He (effected, affected) a complete change in the appearance of the substance by subjecting it to intense heat for a short period.
a) effected
b) affected

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