Review (Advanced) 5

1) I did not (imply, infer) from her letter that we might have a future together.
a) imply
b) infer

2) The (capitol, capital) of the state is small and pretty, and only a mile north of Route I-89.
a) capitol
b) capital

3) He will be remembered for developing a remarkably (ingenious, ingenuous) solution to his dilemma.
a) ingenious
b) ingenuous

4) I have rarely met someone of such (ingenuity, ingenuousness).
a) ingenuity
b) ingenuousness

5) Your (unmoral, immoral) behavior has resulted in your dismissal.
a) unmoral
b) immoral

6) In my subsequent message, I (imply, infer) something different.
a) imply
b) infer

7) I find that solution to be most (desirous, desirable).
a) desirous
b) desirable

8) They (hung, hanged) the murderer at dawn.
a) hung
b) hanged

9) He is only one of many persons who work in the (capital, capitol) building.
a) capital
b) capitol

10) Many persons would regard her actions as (contemptuous, contemptible), I am afraid.
a) contemptuous
b) contemptible

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