Review (Elementary) 5

1) She must (of, have) driven around the block three or four times before finding a parking spot.
a) of
b) have

2) I (can, can't) hardly stand her.
a) can
b) can't

3) We do not intend to visit there (any, no) more.
a) any
b) no

4) They remained in that corner for the entire evening and speak only to (themselves, theirselves).
a) themselves
b) theirselves

5) Have you (ate, eaten) all your vegetables?
a) ate
b) eaten

6) I noticed that you (was, were) absent this afternoon.
a) was
b) were

7) We (stood, stayed) at the beach all morning.
a) stood
b) stayed

8) They (seen, saw) the entire unfortunate incident.
a) seen
b) saw

9) They gave Jane and (I, me) the time and address of the party.
a) I
b) me

10) We watched (them, those) technicians test and adjust the lighting and sound system.
a) them
b) those

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