Further Tests 2

1) Harry was (envious, jealous) of the speed and ease with which the dealer shuffled and handled the cards.
a) envious
b) jealous

2) "She acts (like, as though) they were already married," thought Bill, as he watched Noreen straighten the furniture in Tom's apartment.
a) like
b) as though

3) The explanation by the computer technician of the reason that Gwen's computer crashed left her (bemused, amused). She hated technical matters.
a) bemused
b) amused

4) I can honestly say that young Phillip was (uninterested, disinterested) in the ballet. In fact, I found it necessary several times to restrain him from leaving before the end of the performance.
a) uninterested
b) disinterested

5) "Just (like, as) I thought," exclaimed Mrs. Walters. "Your sister has brought that dead-beat boyfriend with her!"
a) like
b) as

6) "Do you the (number, amount) of spectators who attended that first match?" asked Norbert.
a) number
b) amount

7) She was not (bemused, amused) by his efforts to introduce humor into the presentation of product features.
a) bemused
b) amused

8) "Don't lie about that!" his father snapped. "You are only (irritating, aggravating) your situation."
a) irritating
b) aggravating

9) Frank was (reluctant, reticent) to tell Sally that he had thrown out her old magazines years ago without consulting her.
a) reluctant
b) reticent

10) When Frank saw the mark that Eloise had received for History, he felt a twinge of (envy, jealousy).
a) envy
b) jealousy

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