Further Tests 3

1) If you are unwilling to (accede to, exceed) his ways of doing things, you will find it extremely unpleasant working there.
a) accede to
b) exceed

2) Marie had (fewer, less) dresses than Louise, which meant that she required less closet space.
a) fewer
b) less

3) (Altogether, All together) Kevin was satisfied with his exam results when he finally received them.
a) Altogether
b) All together

4) Annette, who listened attentively, (inferred, implied) that Claude had not revealed the true reasons for the action.
a) inferred
b) implied

5) "After you (take, bring) the funds received during the day to the bank, you are finished for the day and free to go home.
a) take
b) bring

6) Until the parents died, members of the Johnson clan would vacation (altogether, all together) for the entire month of July at their family compound on Cape Cod.
a) altogether
b) all together

7) By emphasizing only those assignments, which Donald had not completed, Tom was (inferring, implying) that the former has been incompetent.
a) inferring
b) implying

8) "Albert, (bring, take) me a note tomorrow from your mother if you donít want to receive a failure for last Monday's test," said Mrs. Owen.
a) bring
b) take

9) There are fewer oranges than grapefruits in the basket. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that oranges account for (fewer, less) of the weight.
a) fewer
b) less

10) In retrospect, I concede that (altogether, all together) Albert's experiences last summer were beneficial to his development.
a) altogether
b) all together

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