Further Tests 4

1) Those strips of chrome (enhance, induce) this year's model and help to enhance the product's image of luxury and high quality.
a) enhance
b) induce

2) The roar of the surf was (continual, continuous) as he walked along the sandy beach.
a) continual
b) continuous

3) Phillip had difficulty in deciding (between, among) Marisa and Patricia when it was time to cast his vote for Prom Queen.
a) between
b) among

4) Peter wasn't (anxious, eager) to take risks. In fact, he was anxious about his position within the organization and any apparent threats to it.
a) anxious
b) eager

5) To (enhance, induce) the flavor of the food and induce his customers to keep coming back, Larry would always add a sprinkle of his secret blend of spices.
a) enhance
b) induce

6) He no longer dates that girl because she (continually, continuously) denigrated the very subjects he enjoys most.
a) continually
b) continuously

7) The prospective customer was soon (enhanced, induced) to affix his signature to the sales contract.
a) enhanced
b) induced

8) (Between, Among) his souvenirs was a tarnished silver ring bearing the insignia of a private school for girls.
a) Between
b) Among

9) (Eagerly, Anxiously) Marisa pulled Andrew to the edge of the dance, while James anxiously looked about for Janice, his girlfriend.
a) Eagerly
b) Anxiously

10) Try adding a little coconut oil lotion to your skin to lessen the (affect, effect) of the dry air and cold.
a) affect
b) effect

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