Review (Elementary) 2

1) They had (began, begun) early and finished late.
a) began
b) begun

2) She was expected to (learn, teach) the children the alphabet.
a) learn
b) teach

3) Everything that he had kept in his locker was (robbed, stole, stolen).
a) robbed
b) stole
c) stolen

4) The glass slipper fitted her foot (good, well).
a) good
b) well

5) I want you and (she, her) to come here immediately.
a) she
b) her

6) She (don't, doesn't) have class on Wednesday afternoon.
a) don't
b) doesn't

7) They (did, done) all that they could.
a) did
b) done

8) (Let, Leave) me carry that package for you.
a) Let
b) Leave

9) (This here, This) footprint looks as if it was made by a bear.
a) This here
b) This

10) They dragged the fallen tree (off of, from) the patio behind the house.
a) off of
b) from

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