Review (Elementary) 4

1) That brown pickup truck (ain't, isn't) mine.
a) ain't
b) isn't

2) The children noisily (drank, drunk) their juice.
a) drank
b) drunk

3) The sun has (rose, risen) each day hours before I awake.
a) rose
b) risen

4) Donít (ever, never)expect to pass this subject without studying.
a) ever
b) never

5) Please (set, sit) here beside me.
a) set
b) sit

6) The cat nibbled (it's, its) the food that Tom had added to its bowl.
a) it's
b) its

7) (Him and me, Him and I, He and I) played chess for the entire evening.
a) Him and me
b) Him and I
c) He and I

8) Give the extra hamburgers to (us, we) boys.
a) us
b) we

9) (We, Us) Canadians learn to skate almost as soon as we learn to walk.
a) We
b) Us

10) She is (happier, more happier) now and is doing well at school.
a) happier
b) more happier

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