Review (Advanced) 1

1) He (lay, laid) the clean dishes on the table.
a) lay
b) laid

2) Where (is, are) your brother and sister now?
a) is
b) are

3) What kind (of, of a) fool do you think I am?
a) of
b) of a

4) That man is the new (principal, principle) of Wendy's school.
a) principal
b) principle

5) The teacher or another authority figure (is, are) always present.
a) is
b) are

6) He acted (as, like) he chose without the classroom teacher present.
a) as
b) like

7) (You're, Your) going on the first flight. I will arrive later.
a) You're
b) Your

8) The minutes of the meeting (is, are) on your desk.
a) is
b) are

9) So that's (who, whom) you were talking to!
a) who
b) Whom

10) They have not (hanged, hung) a murderer in many years.
a) hanged
b) hung

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