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  1. When your written English must be free of errors.

    • Scientific paper
    • Technical article
    • Letters of application for employment
    • Letters of reference
    • Business correspondence
    • Business reports
    • Business proposals
    • Price lists
    • Manuals
    • Brochures
    • Pamphlets
    • Student essays and English language assignments
    • Personal Resumes
    • Websites
    • Manuscript

  2. When you want to be sure that your reader will understand you completely.

  3. When you want to make a good impression.

  4. Before you begin to submit your manuscript to publishers or search for a literary agent.

  5. If you want to improve your English writing skills from home - without the time, trouble, or expense of attending classes.

    Simply write a one-page practice letter per week and send it to us to read and correct. Study the changes that we suggest. Try to incorporate what you have learned in your next one-page letter. Your English writing skills will improve significantly within a few months.

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