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Telephone Coach


An undergraduate degree in General Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) from the University of Manitoba and a postgraduate degree in Business Management from the Ivey School of Business of the University of Western Ontario

Business Experience

Experience embraces most facets of sales, marketing research, product management, product development, research & development, and quality control, primarily in the packaged food industry. Involved in planning, budgeting, forecasting, negotiating, appraising, interviewing, hiring, firing, organizing, reorganizing, and managing. Also worked for brief periods in the steel, paper, and telecommunications equipment industries, as well as industrial development.


  • Coauthored Farm Management Accounting, a case study course, under a contract with the Federal Department of Labour, Ottawa.
  • Authored a series of five comprehensive technical glossaries (averaging 400 pages each in length) on real estate, construction, finance & investment, self-publishing, and marketing.
  • Taught marketing for several years at The Center For Continuing Education at McGill University in Montreal.
  • Taught Farm Management Accounting under a contract with the Federal Department of Labour, Ottawa.

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