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A cliché is a commonplace statement that, although once new and interesting, has become stale and tiresome because of overuse. Although clichés are often forgivable in conversation, they should be avoided when writing. Surrounding them with quotation marks around them does not make clichés better or more respectable. They simply draw the reader's attention to the worn-out phrases. Here are some commonly used clichés.

  • a fair shake
  • the lion's share
  • no earthly idea
  • rush headlong into
  • the bum's rush
  • big as a horse
  • dumb as an ox
  • draw the line
  • keep all avenues open
  • close the door on
  • close the gap
  • greener pastures
  • a step forward
  • a step backwards
  • grapple with the question
  • wrestle with the problem
  • caused an uproar
  • soak up the atmosphere
  • don't rock the boat
  • dog and pony show
  • put your best foot forward
  • get the ball rolling
  • keep your chin up
  • show the flag.
  • don't fight city hall
  • sweep it under the rug
  • look over his shoulder
  • The cold facts
  • tough sledding
  • an easy ride
  • dance around the subject
  • in the cold light of day
  • keep the lid on this
  • head off the problem
  • let the dust settle
  • caught in a squeeze
  • iron out
  • a few wrinkles remain
  • boil it down
  • get a lot of mileage from
  • fall on deaf ears
  • fly in the face of reason
  • lay the groundwork
  • in the nick of time
  • a flying start
  • throw light on this subject

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