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BESIDE At the side of. It is besides that means moreover, in addition.

DECIMATE To kill or destroy every tenth one. To destroy a portion of. Many of us have mistakenly used decimate for obliterate or annihilate, because we overlooked the prefix, dec-. .

DILEMMA A situation that requires a choice between undesirable alternatives.

DISINTERESTED Unbiased. Not influenced by personal interest. Impartial or neutral. (Uninterested is aloofness, indifference, or lacking interest).

EFFETE Exhausted, lacking in vigor (not weak or effeminate).

ENORMITY Outrageous or heinous character. Something outrageous or extremely wicked.

FORTUITOUS By chance. Accidental.

FARTHER At a greater physical distance. (Further generally means a more advanced degree or extent.).

HISTORIC Well known or important in history. (Historical is dealing with or pertaining to the subject of history.)

IRONIC Exemplifying irony, as an ironic remark or novel. Saying the opposite of what was intended.

IRREGARDLESS This word does not exist. Instead, we should use regardless.

LIABLE Under legal obligation (e.g., He is liable for damages). Liable is sometimes used in error for likely, which means probable or expected.

LIVID Bluish, dark, black and blue, gray, or ashen in appearance (not red or flushed).

ORAL Uttered by the mouth, the spoken word. (Verbal may refer to the spoken word or the written word. It is better to avoid verbal and use oral or written.)

PROPHECY A prediction of what is to come, whereas prophesy is the verb to foretell or predict.

REGRETTABLY A person who is full of regret is regretful and remembers regretfully. That which was the cause of regret is regrettable. Regrettably, that situation persists.

RESTIVE Stubborn, balky, refusing to go forward. (For uneasy, impatient of control, restraint, or delay, use restless.)

THAN Use for taller than, farther than, etc., whereas then relates to time (e.g., He rose early and then had breakfast).

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