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  1. Create simple rather than complicated sentences.
    Simple sentences are easier to read.

  2. Use the active voice when possible, rather than the passive voice.

  3. Avoid the use of run-on sentences.

  4. Vary the length of sentences.

  5. Avoid exaggeration in your writing.

  6. Use well-known words rather than exotic or unusual words.

  7. Similarly, use short words rather than long words.

  8. Nouns and verbs are more important than adjectives and adverbs. Carefully selected nouns and verbs add clarity and color.

  9. Avoid the use of clichés.

  10. Capitalize only proper nouns.

  11. Minimize the use of exclamation and quotation marks.

  12. Do not abbreviate.

  13. Make verbs agree with their subjects.

  14. Do not begin sentences with conjunctions. Similarly, do not end them with prepositions.

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