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If you are not a travel writer, advertising copy writer, or novelist, you will normally need to keep your writing direct and easy to understand, although still interesting. This can be easier to achieve than many persons realize. Simply stick to the basics. Don't succumb to the temptation to use flowery adjectives or adverbs, or hyperbole in general. However, do attempt to improve your choice of nouns and verbs. This will accomplish wonders for your writing.

There is sometimes a tendency to use simple nouns and verbs. However, these are often rather general in meaning. Consequently, they require clarification. Further, because they are simple, they tend to be overused - and therefore become boring. Instead, consider becoming more selective in your choice of verbs and nouns. Become more precise. Your message will become clearer, your writing will be more interesting to your reader, and there will be less reason to add adjectives or adverbs to modify (change or supplement) the nouns and verbs you use.

We recently created a list of English verbs. This list contains almost 3,100 verbs. (Click here to see this list) Approximately one third of these verbs are words of one syllable. As a result, they tend to be widely known and often used. In fact, many of these verbs have become overused. They no longer will add "color" to your writing, or contribute to an interesting reading experience. They have become boring.

In contrast, the verbs that are comprised of two or more syllables are more precise, more interesting, and less overworked. The verbs, that contain three or more syllables, are even better. Few of the latter are overworked. They tend to have precise meanings and are fun to use and interesting to read. Verbs that have precise meanings usually do not require adverbs. The verbs, which contain three or more syllables, number more than 600. We selected 500 of them to display on this website. These verbs will add "color" to your writing. Your readers will appreciate your use of them. So, why not review this list of three-syllable verbs and their definitions. You will benefit your writing skills. CLICK HERE

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