Writing Business Letters

47 Windermere
Jeffersonville, VT

April 22, 2005
Mrs. Helen Carson
Winooski Educational Center
60 Norman Street
Winooski, VT

Dear Mrs. Carson,

Your advertisement for a "teacher of many disciplines' in last week's edition of the Transcript caught my eye. There is a strong probability that I am the person whom you are seeking. Accordingly, I enclose my resume.

During my 23 years of teaching experience, I have taught history, geography, English, and mathematics routinely at both the elementary and secondary level. In addition, I have organized and produced student plays and musicals, as well as student debating and public speaking. Finally, I have strong computer skills.

At present, I am teaching at a well-known private school for boys located in Riverview. However, my husband has been transferred to Winooski. As a result, we will be selling our home and moving to your city shortly. Mr. Jackson, Headmaster, of Riverview is aware of our plans and will provide an excellent reference.

I will telephone you next week in order to arrange a meeting to discuss your opportunity at your convenience. However, if you need to contact me, you can reach me during days at (902)432-7654.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Hanna Winkler