Writing Business Letters

Northern Bearings Ltd.
Suite 101
Old Colony Building
167 Bedford Street
Cambridge, VT

November 3, 2006

Mr. Steven Blood
Three Mountain Lodge
Route 108
Jeffersonville, VT

Dear Mr. Blood,

As discussed by telephone this morning, our organization wishes to hold its New Year's Eve celebration at your inn.

There will be a total of eight couples for cocktails and dinner. Cocktails will consist of two drinks of liquor or two glasses of wine per person. For dinner, we will have a choice of items #3 or #7 on your winter menu. You will provide one bottle of your (house) red wine or white wine per couple and two ounces of after-dinner liqueur per person. Guests may purchase additional wine or liquor at their own expense during the evening. Three Mountain Inn will provide live music or entertainment, I understand, at no additional expense.

All couples, except my wife and I, will require overnight sleeping accommodation in your exterior cabins. Finally, all sixteen of us will attend your renowned New Year's Breakfast on the following morning.

As you requested, I am enclosing a check in the amount of $500.00 as a deposit. As we agreed, all remaining money payable will be invoiced directly to me at the address appearing above following New Year's Day.

Thank you for your help in making our New Year's Eve get together an enjoyable and memorable event.

Yours truly,

William Strongarm,
New England Sales Manager