Writing Business Letters

47 Windermere,
Jeffersonville, VT
U.S.A. 05464

March 26, 2005

Mr. Thomas MacLaren
MacLaren Promotions, Inc.
800 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON
L3J 6D2

Dear Mr. Grenwell,

William Smith of Smith & Jenkins Advertising suggested that I contact you concerning the possibility of working for your organization.

As a general staff writer and assistant editor of the Mimico Mercury, I have acquired a great deal of experience during the last three years in writing, editing, layout, and meeting deadlines. In addition, I have gained some print production experience.

Prior to my present position, I was employed for two years by Barker, Bull & Associates. My position there was Junior Account Executive. In addition, I assisted in the preparation of all press releases

I am a self-starter and a hard worker, who is interested in discussing with you how my efforts might benefit your organization. Accordingly, I will telephone you during the week of April 11th to arrange an appointment with you at your convenience.

Yours truly,

Kenneth Simpson