Writing Business Letters

123 Oxford Street, Apt-201
London, ON
N4Y 3X8

November 15, 2004

Human Resources Department
625 Church Street, 5th Floor
Toronto, ON
M4Y 2G1

Dear Executive,

Enclosed you will find my resume in response to your advertisement of a position for a Family Service Worker.

I will graduate in April from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family Studies and Sociology. As a major in Family Studies, I have completed numerous courses that have sharpened my communication and interpersonal skills necessary for solving family crises. Further, my courses in social welfare and social work, child development, criminology, and social deviance have helped me to be able to put myself in other people’s shoes and see and understand situations from their points of view. Family Studies have provided me with the ability to deal effectively with children and adults.

My many volunteer activities during my college years have taught me a great deal about building a good support relationship with children and adults. My experiences in difficult, but rewarding, situations have taught me how important the contribution of a motivated volunteer can be.

The combination of my skills and interest in people suit me ideally for the position of Family Service Worker. I believe that I would have a positive impact as a family service worker and make an important contribution to your organization.

I would greatly appreciate being able to discuss this opportunity with you. Consequently, I will telephone you in a few days in order to arrange a meeting at a time that is mutually convenient. However, should you wish to contact me, my number is 519-123-9876. When I am absent, callers are able to leave messages on my voicemail.

Thank you for your consideration.


Amy Pearson