Writing Business Letters

Apt. 4A, 3
340 Castillo
Barcelona, Spain

June 1, 2004
Mr. Jacques Bouchard, President
Bombardier Limited
1234 Hymen Blvd.
Pointe Claire, QC
H7J 5T6

Dear Mr. Bouchard,

You are a busy and successful executive. However, there was a time once when you were not - and also when you knew far less than you do today. I am where you were then - lots of ambition and energy, some skills, but with an awful lot to learn. With the help of your organization, I am sure that I could begin to change this and make an important contribution at the same time. Accordingly, I am writing to ask for your consideration for employment.

My goal is to learn as much about industry and business as I can. This is more important to me than any concern about salary. In turn, I offer my energy, enthusiasm, perseverance, dedication, and a desire to contribute.

I am available for work on or after July 15th and am prepared to relocate. You can reach me by e-mail at Juan@hotmail.com by telephone at 011(34)(93)9871234, or by mail at the address appearing above.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly,

Juan Alejandro Blanca