Writing Business Letters

37 Clark Road
Westmount, QC,
H4H 1K7

April 18, 2005

Mr. C. Phillips
Northern Bearings Ltd.
3 Dorchester Place
9400 Patriot Boulevard
Ville de Brossard, QC
H3H 2C2

Dear Mr. Phillips,

It is with some regret that I submit my resignation from Northern Bearings.

As you know, I have enjoyed my work at Northern Bearings immensely during the last six and a half years. However, an opportunity for personal development and advancement, which I am unable to refuse, has arisen elsewhere. As a result, I must inform you that my last day of work will be the 31st of May.

Please be assured that you have my complete cooperation in the transfer of the files on which I have been working and my willingness to train whomever you designate as my replacement.

Yours truly,

Bernard Crane