Writing Business Letters

Northern Bearings Ltd.
Suite 101
Old Colony Building
167 Bedford Street
Cambridge, VT

August 8, 2005

David Smoothe
Smoothe Communications
1616 Dorchester Blvd. West
Montreal, QC

Dear David

Further to our telephone conversation, I would like you to attend a meeting in our Cambridge Office on Tuesday, August 30th at 10:00 A.M. Our New England sales representatives will be here to discuss our merchandising plans for next year. They will bring specific ideas for various illustrative selling aids to discuss.

It would be very helpful to us if you are able to hear these suggestions first hand and participate in the discussions. No preparation is required on your part. Similarly, there is nothing that we require you to bring.

Please contact me if you will not be able to attend.


William Strongarm,
New England Sales Manager