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We offer two different services: Choose that which best serves your needs.

1. Critique

You prepare your own resume and then send it to us for review. Send it as an e-mail attachment. We will study it, highlight any sentences or sections that need further work and then will return as an attachment to our e-mail reply. Our reply will be brief, but helpful. However, we will not edit or rewrite your resume. We will simply tell you what to add, delete, move, change, or explain further or better. You will have our comments within 24 hours.

If you decide to choose this service, be sure to read our suggestions - Click Here

2. Preparation

We prepare your resume, but you supply all necessary information. Remember that your finished resume will be only as good as the information that you supply. For example, if you fail to specify the dates of your employment or the specific positions, do not describe fully the nature of your employment, or cannot remember your working accomplishments, your resume will be less able to fulfill its objective - namely, to help you to secure an initial employment interview and to help the interviewer to better understand your qualifications and strengths.

Click here to view our resume data form. Complete the form and click on SUBMIT to send it to us. Send as a separate e-mail attachment in Word any other important information that should be included.

We will create your resume and send it as an e-mail attachment within 48 hours of receiving all information.

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