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Do you do this when writing?

  • cause work for your reader by using terribly long sentences
  • irritate your reader by using the passive voice excessively
  • confuse your reader with your punctuation
  • give insufficient thought to continuity and flow

    Well, here is the solution to your problem

    Let us suggest the changes
    necessary to make your writing excel
    or our help will cost you nothing

    We assume the risk

    We will examine your spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choices, and continuity. We will look for run-on sentences, repetition, and excessive use of the passive voice. We will propose changes and offer comments or explanations that will serve to improve your presentation or writing. If, after reviewing our work, you believe that we have failed to provide any significant help, we will refund your money - without question.

    We will give you our best efforts, although we assume all risk. Read what some of our clients say.

    Protect your image

    If English is not your first language, you will almost certainly make errors. However, even if English is your first language, your work may contain errors. Many of your readers will notice these errors. They will assume that you can't write well - or that you didn't care enough to ensure that your work is error-free. Your image will suffer.

    Prevent reader boredom

    The written word is held to a higher standard than the spoken word and so your written English should be better than your spoken English. If readers donít understand your writing easily and quickly they will lose patience and you will lose them. Donít let that happen! We will help you communicate clearly and concisely.

    Win your reader's respect

    Good writing is easy to understand and readers notice and appreciate it. Readers also notice and remember poor writing. So, even if you think that you express yourself well in writing, let us help to ensure that your English writing excels.

    Our standard when editing is what North Americans consider to be good written English. You can be sure that your edited writing will be acceptable for everyday use in North American business. In fact, your writing will be better than that of most persons who claim English as their first language.

    Complete your work on time

    Your work is important. Therefore, we read, edit, and return most small jobs in one business day. Longer jobs are usually returned in two days. This enables you to complete your project or presentation on time.

    Learn in the process

    Writing is like any other activity. If you want to improve, you need to practice a great deal and pay attention to the rules of grammar and composition. That's why people from all walks of life - including intelligent, educated, and many successful persons - have weak writing skills/ They just havenít put in the time needed to improve. However, by reviewing and incorporating the changes that we suggest, your English writing skills will improve dramatically in a short period of time.

    Others need not know

    Writing English provides a confidential proofreading and editing service. Send your writing to us by e-mail. We will read and edit your work, and return it in confidence. No one else needs to know.

    Easy to use

    Simply send your English writing as an e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word to Include your name and e-mail address.

    Next, pay in advance at this website. ( See Price and Delivery ) As soon as Kagi, our secure payment processor, alerts us of your payment, we will get to work. Your final writing will be free of embarrassing errors. You can be confident that it will make a good impression. Clear and succinct communication is our goal.

    If you want to really impress your reader, don't wait. Send your work now to

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